W40601 Singapore as a multicultural society
Ein Vortrag auf Englisch

Beginn 13.10.2023
Kursgebühr 5,00 € (Ermäßigung auf 2,50 € möglich)
Dauer 1 Termin
Kursleitung Grace Huang

Introduction to the culture of Singapore - a country dubbed as “Garden-city” in Southeast Asia (SEA) with a rich multicultural heritage. Widely positioned as a unique city-state and a successful international financial hub with a first-class airport. As a city-state with a historical background as a former British colony, there is an undeniable western influence on a predominantly eastern society, contributing to Singapore’s development as an international city - a fusion of East meets West.

The unique focus of our international success is due to English as our first language and the chosen Lingua Franca - the language of governance and work; More importantly, the language of a multicultural society (apart from our own mother tongues - Chinese, Malay and Indian). 

We are also proud of our unique “hawker” culture (the “Esskultur”), recently recognised by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage.

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